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Krolo Winery is a family winery in Trilj. The Krolo family has been involved in viticulture for over 300 years. Today, this tradition is continued by Drazen Krolo, who dedicated his private and business life to wine. The family owns six hectares of vineyards in the Strmendolac area. It is a very special location because of the mountain ranges it is surrounded by, so night temperatures are low all year round. For this reason, grapes reach high levels of sugar, and acids do not fall below the ideal level. The wine matures for two to three years and then arrives on the market. Krolo Winery produces about 40,000 bottles a year.
They offer wine and traditional food tastings, a visit to the wine cellar and wine tasting from barrels, as well as a presentation of wine production.

№1 in 1 Winery from Trilj
№178 in 1804 Winery from Croatia

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Strmendolac 8a, 21240, Trilj


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The family winery is located in a beautiful countryside where the atmosphere is good and the weather favourable to visitors. We enjoyed sharing all the laughs with the Krolo family,it was a perfect place for us to enjoy the chirpings of birds and blowing of wind. We got what we came for even out of the working hours.
The history of this winery is interesting. It has been in the family business for over 300 years.Tier grapes are sugary. It was an epic learning experience learning about the viticulture
I visited this winery and I was impressed with how wine processing has evolved over the years. Their wine tasting room was well organised. I really loved it here
very good!!!
I got to experience the art of wine here, i was treated to an extraordinary meal prepared by Kroll's wife, Karolina. As i waited for dinner i took a stroll around the gorgeous vineyard and ended up in the barrel cellar for a few glasses of merlot at their various stages of fermentation and aging. Will definitely come back soon.
My friends and i were here for a wine tasting experience. Everything was fabulous especially the exceptional hospitality, it was a wonderful experience learning about the Croatian family customs and culture. Thanks to the Krolo family for making our stay here memorable.