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Kreso Bukvic Family Farm


The Kreso Bukvic Family Farm is located in Bakovcica near Koprivnica. The estate was started by the Bukvic family ten years ago, and today it is a small animal kingdom. They have chickens, goats, one horse. one cow and plan to get more animals. You can buy goat's milk, cheese and eggs on the farm, but you can also see the animals and find out how the Bukvic family takes care of them.

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Food Location

Školska, 48000, Bakovčica


(4 reviews)
very good!!!
I loved staying at the vineyard, its peaceful and as i sat there as i admired the magical beauty of nature. The atmosphere is breathtaking and the ambience cool, and the air was fresh, it was a good place for my meditation. I definitely recommend.
We bought goat's milk , cheese and eggs on the farm to take with us back home. The staff were knowledgeable and they were generous enough to share with us how the family takes care of them. Lovely people with a kind heart.
We toured the small animal kingdom with my kids and they couldn't get enough of the animals kept here. They did not want to leave the farm, so i took them photos near the animals. I hanged the photo on the wall , and my kids can't wait to come back.