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Gligora Cheese Factory


Gligora Cheese Factory is located on the island of Pag. The Gligora family has a long tradition of Pag cheese production, dating back to 1918. The love for sheep and cheese is passed down from generation to generation. Today it is a modern cheese factory, and their cheeses have been awarded many times in Croatia and abroad. In 2009, a new, modernly equipped cheese factory in Kolan was built. The cheese factory offers the possibility of a guided tour of the cheese factory and cheese tasting.

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Figurica 22/A, 23251 Kolan


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very good!!!
I was delighted to learn about the rich history of the Factory run by the Gligora Family especially noting that the factory is run from one generation to another. I was excited to also learn that the Factory has won many awards due to its exemplerary production. It's worth a visit.
This cheese factory is quite historical. It just tells more about the community. I really enjoyed tasting their cheese
I visited this factory and was given a tour around. I tasted the cheese and it was nice. I even bought some.
We were for a vacation with my friends and we enjoyed cheese tasting in the factory and i must say it's an exclusive and superfun exercise to indulge in. The tour guides were very friendly to us and they left no information untouched. I do recommend this place to all Cheese lovers like me.
I visited the Gligora cheese factory and I am going to review it for you. The building was nicely made, it had a nice design as I walked in I saw big-sized machines that were producing cheese and yes it smelled a lot like cheese. There were so many employees working there, and when we asked for a tour of the place, the manager agreed to give us one.
I took my family to this place one time and it was so interesting than I had imagined. There were a lot of sheep here and had a taste of the cheese.
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