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Bob Rock's Ice Cream Shop


Bob Rock's Ice Cream Shop is definitely the most popular and the best place in Zadar where you will enjoy the flavors of top-quality, home-made creamy ice cream. All types of ice cream are made from fresh, quality and seasonal ingredients, and are also suitable for diabetics and vegans. The most popular flavors are certainly hazelnut, chocolate, mango sorbet, and the top combinations are chocolate and mint, crostata and orange cheesecake, salted peanuts and lemon pie.

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Cheap Eats

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Vegetarian Friendly
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Varoska ul. 6, Zadar 23000 Croatia


(11 reviews)
very good!!!
The ice cream here is something else and the many varieties of ice cream offered here was really impressing I must come back.
There is a pretty big selection of flavors available, and the prices are quite good. I tried a couple and one was my favorite. They also have other desserts that are great for when you just need a treat after dinner.
We had very good ice creams for all tastes with many kind of cones, the normal cone was free. I ordered lemon pie ice cream which was delicious with crunchy part, it came with a small cookie thing. They accept cards hence an added bonus for travellers.
The creativity and specialization of Ice Cream was astonishing. They have one of the best qualities of Ice Cream. My kids enjoyed being here
This is the most popular ice cream joint in zadar. They have different Ice Cream flavors. They are suitable for vegans and people with diabetes. It is just a casual joint.
My first visit to the ice cream shop was a great experience. I was surprised by the variety of flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, strawberry with chocolate sauce, and banana with chocolate sauce. The ice cream is made from delicious ingredients and fresh fruit and served in attractive little glasses. The desserts were piled high with meringue and cream. There is also an amazing coffee machine that offers different flavors of coffee based on the mood you are in.
8 of 50 Restaurant from Zadar based on rating