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Bezburger is a burger bar in the heart of the old town of Zadar, near the church of St. Donatus. Here you can enjoy a variety of burgers, but also fried chicken wings, nuggets, salads, fries... Burgers are made from meat from Croatian farms, served in freshly baked Brioche pastries. The offer of drinks consists of juices, craft beers, cocktails and much more.

№1 in 1 Fast food from Zadar
№104 in 1804 Fast food from Croatia

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Fast food



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Poljana Ivana Pavla II


(9 reviews)
We decided to have our vacation in Croatia and this place is indeed the best place for fried chicken wings, nuggets and salads. The also have a bar with experienced bar tenders that prepare very good cocktails.
The burgers from this place are really great and are served in freshly baked pastries. We even had a chance of tasting the cocktails made here and they were really great.
This place is very good when it comes to juices and craft beers not forgetting that they have delicious burgers.
It was a luck to us to stumble upon this gem, the services were super kind and they offered with delicious options from wings, burgers and fries. I had my best burger here which are not overdone or even underdone. We had great drinks too.
This is is a burger joint. It has a friendly casual environment. Their baked Brioche pastries were delicious.
The views are awesome from the hotel, it was a good space for us to chill.The owner of the restaurant was friendly, he brought us a bucket of ice to cool us down. The goat cheese salad is fine, try the chill burger.
The chicken wings and nuggets of this restaurant were amazing. I loved their cocktails. I had a wonderful moment here