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Anic Family Farm


The Anic Family Farm is located in Krasno on Velebit. They are engaged in cheese production, and the whole family is involved. They produce 50,000 liters of milk a year. The Anic family makes hard cheese, Skripavac and cottage cheese. In addition to cheese, they also produce fresh milk in the traditional way. In 2015, they were named the third best family farm in Croatia. The products can be tasted and bought on the property.

№1 in 1 Prosciutto & Cheese from Krasno
№35 in 1804 Prosciutto & Cheese from Croatia



Food Location

Anići 54, 53274, Krasno Polje


(13 reviews)
The farm is beautiful. I got to see how they process their cheese and produce different kind of cheese. The staff were very friendly and they explained everything to us in detail.
I visited the place after recommendations from my friend and it was totally worth it. the music on the background was controlled not too loud or silent. I loved the dishes that they offered and me being lover for seafood it was a celebration to me. The freshly cooked seafood was delicious and i enjoyed every bit of it.
My friends and i tasted their cheese and iot was mouthwatering, it was one of the best homemade cheese we had ever tasted in our lives. The crunchy cheese was really perfect. I loved it.
The staff were welcoming and their professionalism was top notch. I loved how they had everybody in mind there were no delays in any of our orders.
The staff were pleasant and kind and they welcomed to the farm and fed us with a lot of information especially cheese production. We got all kinds of cheese here and the staff helped us in choosing the type of cheese to take back home. Beautiful place, perfect services.
I learned about the production process and was pleased to see how well the animals were taken care of and the hygiene during the production process
We bought the traditional fresh milk to take back home. My wife loved it and the kids prefer tea made from this milk compared to other brands of milk. Will come back for more.