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Latus Dairy


Latus Dairy is a small family dairy in Zminj, Istria. They produce a wide range of dairy: fresh milk, yogurt, cream, hard and semi-hard cheeses. All products are made from the highest quality milk from Istrian pastures, according to old recipes, and with the addition of modern trends. They process up to 10,000 liters of milk per day. In their Milk & Cheese Bar, tastings are available, with prior notice. In addition to the Milk & Cheese bar on the farm, you can buy their products in many other stores in Istria.

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Food Location

Gornji Orbanići 12/D, 52341 Žminj (Gimino)


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very good!!!
Amazing scenic views by the harbour,the restaurant is perfect for a morning in Zadar, the breakfast that comprises of tasty eggs and bacon are to die for. The staff are kind and their services are excellent, they recommended meals to us and they were surprisingly pleasant and delicious, we were not disappointed. Nice location to chill by the water
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