Villa Angiolina


Ujedno i Hrvatski muzej turizma, zgrada datira iz 1844. godine. Bila je i u svoje vrijeme ljetna kuća austrijske kraljevske obitelji. Sastoji se od uređenoj perivoja, vrtova, šetnica sa fontanama.

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Unnamed Road, 51410, Opatija


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very good!!!
Taking a walk on this villa was a memorable moment. I loved seeing the different of plants, flowers to be precise. The place created a magical view. I loved seeing the graffitties on the wall. It was quite artistry. I enjoyed sitting on the benches and reading my book. The environment was serene and peaceful.
Peaceful place and it was the first place that we visited on our tour and loved it completely. Great history to learn of on the museum and many other activities to do. Relaxing place that enjoyed a soft drink as i was reading my novel and loved the calmness and quiet environment. We also had the chance to visit the statues and fountains around the place and loved them and also took beautiful pictures that we cherish. We had a stroll around a showed us the wonderful place with the help of a guide that was very informative, helpful and fun too.
The smell and site of the beautiful and unique flowers present in this location offer beautiful ambience and picturesque site. My sister and I turned this location to a photoshoot wit the numerous beautiful pictures we took.
It was fascinating to learn the amazing history of the museum . My boyfriend proposed to me at the fountain with promenades, it was romantic sitting and watching the fountain thrust its waters up. The park which has a colourful vegetation offered a great backdrop and spot for our photoshoot. The serene and tranquil environment of the park was amazing, i especially loved the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. Will come back for our honeymoon vacation.
this is what a picture perfect backdrop should look like. I found myself gravitating to this Villa to enjoy a relaxed afternoon with my books.
The museum was enjoyable with interesting history and the tour to the place was amazing. Loved the experience at the place.
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