Plaža Valalta


Plaža Valalta je plaža pješčano šljunčanog karaktera koja se nalazi na samo sedam km daljenosti od povijesnog grada Rovinja. Pošto je plaža dio istoimenog naturističkog kampa, savršena je za one koji vole uživati u miru i tišini.Na samoj plaži pronaći ćete razne rekreativne i sadržaje za zabavu. Također, za ljubitelje sportova ovdje je dostupan mini golf, teren za odbojsku na pijesku te najam suncobrana i ležaljki. U ponudi su i nekoliko restorana te caffe barova sa odličnom ponudom za ručak ili osvježenje.

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There were several recreational and entertainment facilities in this beach. We tried all the sports activities ranging from golf to volleyball and we are glad they ignited our adrenaline. Also, there were several restaurants and coffee bars which offered with a variety of refreshments.
The rich nature and the beauty of the sandy pebble beach was interesting for us on our visit. We enjoyed the different sporting activities at the beach including volleyball that i loved. The restaurant was among the best places to have lunch and a few drinks that as we were catching up with friends. We rented the parasola and deck chairs for shade in the summer temperatures on the visit.
This beach is an oasis of peace and tranquility, it's quiet away from the bustle of the town. My kids loved it walking barefoot on the sandy pebble beach. Sea shells collection activity was the most exciting activity for me.
This lovely sandy beach was lovely for our retreat. We found a space at the beach and just sat there taking in every view and of course a swim was so necessary with the hot sun. We later on joined some guys for a mini golf game which was quite exciting. You can also play beach volleyball on the beach court.
This is a sandy pebbly beach and is perfect for people who enjoy peace and quiet. There's recreational facilities and entertainment is full time. There are restaurants and coffee bars here so lunch and refreshments are guaranteed. It is not crowded mostly and there is no natural shade. You can rent a parasol or umbrella and other things
very good!!!
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