Plaža Sveta Nedjelja


Mjesto naselja i izleta udaljeno je 12 km od Hvara prema istoku, do kojeg je najbolje doći automobilom. Uz obalu su lijepe plaže, kao i restorani i pansioni, pa ovdje možete iznajmiti apartman i u miru uživati u blagodatima prirode.

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public beach


Otok Hvar

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21450, Hvar


(12 reviews)
We rented an apartment near the beach so that we could enjoy the nature in peace. My wife really loved the warm weather and ambient nature the beach gave.
Peaceful beach with the connection to nature enticed our stay at the guesthouses at the beach. We loved the beautiful and serene place and loved the restaurants as they offered unique delicious meals. Lots of fun with my fiance and it was unforgettable.
We visited this place lask weekend with my friends and we were amazed. The beach has clean beaches, a great restaurant with high quality food and friendly and welcoming staff. We had a wonderful time bonding.
Surrounded by a rocky terrain, the Sveta Nedjelja beach is heaven on earth. The pebble beach with its clear blue waters is perfect for water lovers. It has natural shade because of the trees surrounding the area and it is not a crowded place. Perfect spot to just relax away from the noise in the city. It can be easily accessible by car and there are restaurants and guest houses where you can stay. also, for excursionists, You might want to check this place out.
I did enjoy swimming and kayaking activities at the beach. The activities were exceptional in igniting my adrenaline to an all time high. My experience in the beach was upraised by the cool and calm breeze.
very good!!!
The charming and wonderful sea breeze is what I enjoyed. It was cool with an amazing feeling of sensation.
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