Plaža Spomenik


Plaža Spomenik je šljunčana plaža koja se smjestila  na zapadnoj strani Starog grada Korčule te je vrlo popularna među lokalnim stanovništvom. More je čisto i toplo. Nekoliko lokalnih kafića nalazi se odmah uz plažu u kojima se poslužuju različita pića. U neposrednoj blizini pronaći ćete i trgovine.

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Otok Korčula

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Nice cafe spots that we enjoyed some drinks with my friends when we visited the beach. Wonderful views of the sea and the breeze was amazing too as we took a walk along the pebble beach. Lots of activities to engage in and we loved the boat cruise across the sea
We had a lovely picnic at the pebble beach and enjoyed watching sunset at the spacious stone slab which is also perfect for sunbathing. We later on enjoyed exploring the massive cathedrals and climbing on top of towers around the island.
The sea was clean and warm. The warm sea breeze was refreshing and relaxing to the body, mind and soul . We enjoyed a variety of drinks sold at affordable prices served at local cafes here.
This public pebble beach is just amazing! Clean and warm sea water, cafes with refreshing drinks and even shops in case you forgot to get something. It is not usually crowded but be sure to bump into someone from the locality because they also love the beach.
We bought a lot of souvenirs to take back home from the nearby shops. The locals were friendly to us. They gave us a homely treatment which makes me crave for another visit soon.
very good!!!
What I enjoyed in Spomenik was the clean beach. It was an interesting place place where we played volleyball. Exceptional place for sporting
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