Skrivena plaža Pod Kovač


Ovu skrivenu tajnu plažu moći ćete uočiti samo s mora.

Zaklonjena je strmim liticama i visokim stijenama koje pružaju obilje dubokog hlada tijekom poslijepodnevnih sati. Ujutro je ovaj ljupki kutak okupan suncem. Jedini način da dođete do njega je kroz skirveni prolaz između litica, ako ga možete pronaći.

Sve što vam možemo reći je da se plaža nalazi u blizini luke Vrbnik.

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Place Type

public beach


Otok Krk

Place Location

Luka, 51516, Vrbnik


(6 reviews)
We visited this lovely beach in the morning by boat and let me tell you the sunlight feels so good on the skin. So instead of swimming first we lay their on our bikinis to enjoy the warm sun on our bodies. The beach is only accessible by boat. If you love adventure then you will love trying to find the secret entrance to this beach.
Peaceful clean beach with little people around and it was therapeutic when i visited the beach. I loved the views of the sea and the landscape and it was a marvel to visit . The cliffs provided a great natural shade that i enjoyed fully.
The place is indeed a secret. It is accessible through a secret passage in the cliffs and and the tall rocks provide enough natural shade. If you go there in the morning, you will be in for a beautiful sight of sunlight hitting the water surface.
My Geography students were delighted to physically find the steep cliffs that they had only learnt as theory in class. The steep cliffs and the tall rocks provided us with a shade protecting us from the strong heat from the sun. In the morning, it nice to watch the sunlight glimmer brightly, giving it stunning beauty
I was able to find this hidden spot from the sea. It was not crowded, quiet away from the bustle of the town. My fiancee had a good time making merry in this oasis of peace and tranquility.
very good!!!
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