Sveta Marina plaža


Plaža Sveta Marina je malena labinska plaža smještena u šumi, te je šljunčanog karaktera. Visoko drveće joj daje prirodni hlad u kojem ćete pronaći osvježenje i odmor od jakog ljetnog sunca. More je ovdje čisto i plitko što je pogodno za obitelji sa malom djecom i mlade. Također, u blizini se nalazi i kamp sa svim potrebnim sadržajima i objektima.

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public beach



Place Location

52220, Labin


(4 reviews)
My brother and I came camping in this area and decided to enjoy our visit to this beautiful beach. I loved that the waters were shallow and safe for playing for my brother. I specifically enjoyed the natural shade from the tall trees in the area.
This small pebble beach is nice for a family visit, I enjoyed relaxing in the shade of the tall trees that shield you from the summer heat. The sea here is hsallow and clean suitable for families with kids and young people. The camp near this beach has all the necessary facilities to ensure your visit is comfrotable.
Saint Marina beach has this nice camping site where my friends and I stayed for the four days at the beach. The camp had all the necessary facilities and the fee was favorable. The sea is crystal clear with a nice view from every angle.
very good!!!
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