Plaža Sveti Andrija


Plaža Sveti Andrae nalazi se u Rapcu i mnogi je smatraju jednom od najljepših plaža u Istri. Na dijelu plaže pronaći ćete mješavinu malih šljunčanih uvala i kamenih plaža. Odmornici vole izvanredne prekrasne krajolike s najnevjerojatnijim bojama mora i slikovitim stijenama. Iza plaže vodi šetnica koja vodi do centra s brojnim kafićima i restoranima

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This beach offers that picnic vibe and a vibrant mood. I love St Andrews beach because I got the chance to see Dolphins for the first time. The beach is also beautiful and quiet.
The scenery offered by this small pebble and stone mixed beach is just exhilirating, it is a great place for anyone looking to just take a break.The beach has numerous cafés and restaurants to ensure there is foofd and drinks for teh visitors as they relax. I will definitely visit again next summer.
It is situated on an island just a few miles from the mainland and it was very quiet and peaceful, there was one restaurant near the beach and no facilities were near, there is also a beautiful promenade leading to other restaurants, the trip was great
very good!!!
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