Plaža Prapatna


U blizini gradića Jelse, na sjevernoj strani otoka Hvara, smjestila se poznata uvala Prapratna, u kojoj se nalazi raskošna ladanjska kuća iz 18.stoljeća. Do uvale ćete stići lako, spuštajući se po malenom puteljku sa ceste. Plaža je šljunčana sa bistrih morem i pogodna je za sve uzraste.

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public beach


Otok Hvar

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The country house is stunning and the people there are hospitable. I was able to walk to the bay to enjoy the cool breeze from the clear sea and enjoyed my walk on the pebbly beach. This place is beautiful and has a calming smell of fresh air.
Prapatna beach is the place to be if you are a quiet person. I was driving on the main upper road of the island and ended up spotting this place. This will be my hidden gem from that day on.
In the town of Jelsa there is this beautiful beach. We stayed in Country house. first I highly recommend the people here they are very friendly.coming down the beach the hawkers and the beach boys are very polite. I highly recommend the beach. Its is an experience that you should actually try.
very good!!!
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