Plaža Oprna


Plaža Oprna slovi za najljepšu plažu na otoku Krku, a mnogi ju često ubrajaju i među najljepše plaže hrvatske obale. Plaža je smještena u predivnom zaljevu koji se nalazi u blizini mjesta Stara Baška, a jedini način za doći do plaže s kopnene strane je uskim i poprilično neravnim stazicama. Onima koji nisu ljubitelji planinarenja savjetujemo da nikako ne odustanu od posjeta Oprni već da ju posjete brodom s morske strane.

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public beach



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51521, Stara Baška


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We reached the beach bay by a boat. It was an exquisite boat cruise to watch the fish get under our boat. It is one of the most beautiful beaches have visited in Croatia.
For the love of hiking my friends and i access the beach through the narrow and fairly uneven paths from the mainland. Once reaching the beach we get into the clear sea for a swim to ease off the fatigue.
You can reach this pace by sea or via hiking. It is a beautiful beach for swimming. has cool blue sea waters and the terrain is a mixture of pebble, sand and sock. sunbathing and relaxing is fun.
We hiked our way to the beautiful beach . There were hiking trails and paths that led us to this destination. We were fascinated by the scenic beauty of this beach
Beautiful beach with dazzling views of the sea and landscape. I enjoyed talking walks along the beach in the evening and the sunset was spectacular. We went for a cruise and loved my time at the beach with great weather.
very good!!!
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