Plaža Mulobedanj


Plaža Mulobedanj nalazi se u blizini Dudića na otoku Pagu. Plaža je stjenovita sa malo šljunka. Ulaz u more je još uvijek blag i plitak te pogodan za sve uzraste. Iako na plaži ima kamenja, ono ne ometa previše kretanje, a u moru ih nema. Na plaži nema dodatnih sadržaja niti sadržaja, ali su vam relativno blizu ako idete automobilom. Svakako preporučamo da sa sobom ponesete sve što vam je potrebno. Na plaži nema prirodnog hlada, stoga se svakako zaštitite od jakog sunca!



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public beach


Otok Pag

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I explored the sea bed for its natural inhabitants and was awed by the versatility in terms of life and vegetation. The gentle waves allowed me to safely explore the open waters, which was exhilarating. I will visit again soon with the rest of my family.
Though rocky with some pebbles the beach is suitable for all ages since it is shallow and gentle. Will highly recommend you carry your sunscreen or an umbrella since there are no trees for shade. Also pack what you will need to use or eat while at the beach since there is no facility around the beach.
This rock beach with pebbles will ensure that you have fun during your visit, the sea entrance is gentle and shallpw making it suitable for all ages. There are no additional facilities on the beach but they can be accessed in the vicinity, so it is best to carry eveyrything you need and some sunscreen too due to no shade here.
very good!!!
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