Plaža Martinčica


Plaža Martinčica u blizini centra mjesta te je zapravo podijeljena na dva dijela. Unjenoj neposrednoj blizini pronaći ćete prekrasan samostan blizu kojeg se nalazi divna manja uvala sa lijepim pogledom okolicu otoka Hvara. U  neposrednoj blizini plaže na raspolaganju su vam beach bar i restoran ( koji su zapravo u sastavu dvorišta samostana ) u kojima možete pronaći osvježenje i okrijepu.

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Place Type

public beach


Otok Brač

Place Location

Šetalište Anđelka Rabadana, 21420, Bol


(7 reviews)
A beach with a monastery who would not want to make memories here. my friends really enjoyed spending time at the beach and the restaurant in the monastery yard had some delicious cuisines value for your money.
This is a beautiful beach. It has a monastery right in the middle of the cape dividing it into two. There is a bar and restaurant at the beach so you can have drinks and food. Also, when it is too hot, you can take shelter at the monastery yard. The clear blue waters and the pebbles at the beach make the view even more beautiful.
The monks at the monastery were so accommodating and a great source of information about the monastery. As a lover of history I learned about the history of the community. Very educative.
After sunbathing i went to have a drink at the beach bar and the atmosphere in the bar was very welcoming not just from the cool slow music but also from the bar attendants. I loved the fact that if you order a drink you are given free fries. What a way to save your money!
Beautiful beach and bay that offer dazzling views of the landscape and sea. We enjoyed our stay at the beach and the monastery yard offered a shed Nice play with little people and we enjoyed the quiet and peace that the beach gave us.
very good!!!
We enjoyed refreshments at the beach and were amazed by the stunning views of the sea and the landscape.
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