Plaža Lovišća


Plaža Lovišća nalazi se u mjestu Jezera na otoku Murteru. Smještena je unutar istoimenog kampa. Šljunčana je, s betoniranim dijelom. Uz plažu se nalazi borova šuma koja pruža dosta prirodnog hlada tijekom ljetnih vrućina. Moguće je unajmiti različite rekvizite – od ležaljke do pedaline. Na plaži je dostupan wc i tuševi. U blizini je kafić i restoran, gdje su u ponudi raznolika pića i tradicionalni dalmatinski specijaliteti.

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public beach



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Obala Sv. Ivana 11, 22242, Jezera


(4 reviews)
I enjoyed resting in the shades of the pine trees present but the pedal boat was a nice experience for me and my girlfriend. This gravel beach with a concrete part is a nice place to visit for anyone wanting to try out new traditional delicacies. A fairly large number of people visit this place and the toilets and showers available serve to make the visit as comfortable as possible. A nice lace for friends.
Resting in the shade of the pines was my favourite part. The pedal boat was also a great experience ,I must say. This gravel beach with a concreted part is a good place to visit for any person who wants to try out new cuisine. I'd say a bit of a large number of people visit this place .The toilets and showers are however enough to serve the visitors' comfortable stay.
I adored how considerate this beach was, it had showers, changing rooms and toilets, restaurants and cafes are in plenty, and also chairs and umbrellas for rent are available, the gravel beach was an awesome tour.
very good!!!
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