Luka u Limskom kanalu


Iz ove male luke kreću turistički brodovi koji posjetitelje vode na turu kroz Limski kanal. Iako je ovo područje vrlo zanimljivo i s kopna, vožnja brodom kroz kanal je zaista poseban doživljaj.

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very good!!!
A trip through the canal on a boat ride was awesome and i cherish the time. It was a lovely tour and with the help of a guide we enjoyed the views of the place and got a chance to know the place. It was fun and remarkable.
My friends and I really enjoyed Kayaking on this canal. The scenery at this place is captivating. The breeze and the weather were favourable.
The port has several boats and when we visited it we hired a boat a went for a boat cruise. The boat ride was awesome and i enjoyed my time at the sea.
My family and I visited the Lim bay port as our first tourist attraction in India during our tour and it was a delightful time for all of us. The port was very clean and we saw so many ships on our way to it. I would recommend this place to anyone who is traveling to India
This place offers a perfect place for an adventurous experience. I loved my speedy boat ride. It was a memorable experience for my friends and I.
I took a boat ride through the canal and I absolutely loved the experiience
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