Plaža Kozarice


Plaža Kozarice u Pakoštanima je prekrasna plaža zarobljena u šumskom predjelu obvalem 10-ak minuta pješice od centra. Plaža se nalazi uz kamp pa ćete ovdje pronaći pregršt sadržaja, park za djecu, trgovinu, masažni centar i drugo, ali i mjesto za naturiste i obilje hlada za sve.

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What a wonderful place I spent last summer. Each and every person that visits this beach come back with the same song, the place was just wonderful. I actually agree. Many changing rooms, toilets and bathroom are well maintained.
Taking a solo trip to this amazing location was all i needed. I loved that there were less populated areas where I could enjoy the aquatic life and absorb the open nature. also, the hike back to my hotel room through the surrounding forest was refreshing.
Visiting this beach that is located in a forest area whic is about a 10 minute walk from the city center was a wonderful experience. It is a beach for anyone holidaying in Pakostane, it facilitates families and has a suitable place for those who want to just be alone and enjoy the sea. It is located next to a camp that has a handful facilities to make your visit enjoyable. The massage center was especially wonderful on top of all this it has a naturists place and plenty of shade.
very good!!!
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