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Pješačka staza Medvjeđak uređena je i označena planinarska staza koja vodi do vrhova Oštri Medvjeđak (889 m n / v) i Tupi Medvjeđak (868 m n / v). Pogled s vrha Oštri Medvjeđak seže do Ličke Plješivice, doline Une (Bihać), doline Korane, Drežnik Grada i Ličkog Petrovog Sela. S vrha Tupi Medvjeđak pruža se impresivan pogled na dio Plitvičkih jezera, Ličku Plješivicu i Malu Kapelu.
Planinarska staza Medveđak - poučne i rekreacijske staze šumskih ekosustava: „Čorkova uvala“ - duga 21 km, staza „Plitvice“ - 9 km.

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53231, Plitvička Jezera


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very good!!!
We went hiking at the Medvjedjak hiking and the place is pure bliss. The hiking trail is properly marked and led us to some awesome places at the park. Unfogettable moments to experience.
We went hiking at the hiking trail Medveđak and enjoyed ourselves with the whole team. The trail was educational and on the way we met some awesome things about the forest and the ecosystem. It was lovely and would love to do it again some other time.
Trekking at the park was fun and nice with my friends when we had the chance to visit the place. We enjoyed the glowing sun on our trip and the refreshing atmosphere of the forest was awesome.
Our pleasure was ignited in hiking through various spots. It was a great tour with a lot of fun. Wonderful experience.
The Medvedek hiking trail offered me a great opportunity to enjoy an awesome naturewalk. It passes through a dense forest and one can enjoy the view of the Plitvice Lakes. It was an amazing experience.
Hiking along this trail was a magical experience. The view from the top was spectacular, seeing the valley of Una and the Valley of Korana. My friends and I had an amazing time.
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