Plaža "Green beach" Karpinjan


Samo kratka šetnja ili vožnja biciklom od centra grada dijeli vas od posjeta "Zelenoj plaži" Karpinjan. Ova šljunčana plaža idealna je za obitelji s malom djecom zbog svoje velike veličine i plitkog ulaza u more, kao i zbog prirodne hladovine koju pružaju borovi koji je okružuju. Uz plažu se nalaze kafići, slastičarna i restoran. Plaža nudi i sportske sadržaje - nogometni tereni, rukometni, teniski i košarkaški tereni nalaze se u blizini.

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The bike ride to the pebble beach is fun and a great way to keep fit, which is a bonus to visiting this beach. The beach is large with shallow entrance to the sea ideal for families with small children and the natural shade provided by the surrounding pines makes the place ideal for everyone who wants to relax. The beach has various activities for people to take part in and enough entertainment and public amenities for the visiting crowds. It is worth the visit.
My wife and I rented out bikes and took a ride to the beach and did a few laps along it. It has a nice shallow entrance where we took a short swim, there are also trees and a pastry shop serving delicious and jaw dropping pastries which we bought as we headed back to our apartment. it was a nice adventure.
The pebble beach is a great place for bike riding,whether as a workout or for leisure.The beach is enormous and the sea has shallow shores,it's a great place for families with little children.There's natural shade from the surrounding pines. The beach offers a variety of activities for visitors to engage in , entertainment and public amenities. It is worth the visit.
very good!!!
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