Plaža Bilo


Plaža Bilo se nalazi u istoimenom manjem mjestu u Primoštenu. Plaža je u potpunosti šljunčana sa ponekim stijenama koje vire sa obale. Nekoliko mediteranskog drveća će vam pružiti blagi zaklon od vrućine sunca. Plaža Bilo je dosta popularna no nije velika, pa tako nemojte očekivati da ćete imati privatnost. Na plaži nema dodatnih sadržaja ili ugostiteljskih objekta, nop oni se nalaze u relativnoj blizini. Sa plaže se pruža prekrasan pogled na okolne otočiće.



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Bilo Beach offers serenity in abundance For indeed There is a calm atmosphere in this place. Only cool breeze from the beach hits you to cool you down form a hot summer day.
I loved interacting with the people that had visited the location with their families. networking and interacting with them opened me to new ideas and opportunities. also, I loved that my son had other children his age to interact with while Mommy rested and relaxed.
The rocks jutting out of the shore of this pebble beach enhance the view of the sea here. Resting in the shade of the Mediterranean trees is relaxing and refreshing. It gets crowded and it is generally a small beach so do not seek privacy here, additional and catering facilities are located near the beach. It also offers a view of the surrounding beaches.
very good!!!
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