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Voćarna Vrhgora


Voćarna Vrhgora nalazi se u Splitu. Ponuda se sastoji od širokog izbora voća i povrća, lokalnog i organskog uzgoja. Osim voća i povrća, u ponudi su i raznovrsni domaći i ekološki proizvodi poput integralnog brašna, sokova, suhomesnatih proizvoda, vina...

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Food Type

Voće i povrće



Food Location

Dubrovačka 23, 21000, Split


(16 reviews)
The shop attendants were very friendly and welcoming, they helped us in choosing local and organic fruits and vegetables from their rich menu. Both the fruits and vegetables were fresh and they also offered us with cured meat to carry back home. Lovely people to hangout with.
I loved their juice. It was very quenching. It was served while still fresh. The place was very clean. I bought some of their fruits and vegetables and they were very awesome
We went shopping around the area for some vegetable and other stuffs and we bumped into Vrhgora Fruit Shop. The best thing that happened to us on our shopping spree. We had a variety of freshly picked vegetable on the aisle and bought enough.
I visited Vrhgora Fruit Shop, and I was pleased with the wide variety of vegetables and fruits. The products were amazing, considering they are organic and locally available. I will visit again.
Household items sold in this location like wholemeal, cured meat, and juice made shopping convenient. I loved that I did not have to stop by various shops to shop since everything was sold here.
We bought fresh fruits and vegetables and some household goods from the fruit shop. The shop attendants gave us souvenirs to take back home and we appreciate it. Will definitely come back.
very good!!!
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