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Vinarija Matosević


Vinarija Matošević nalazi se u mjestu Sveti Lovreč u Istri. Vinogradi se nalaze na idealnoj 45. paraleli, gdje su smješteni svjetski poznati vinorodni krajevi. Dio vinograda je u sjeverozapadnoj Istri, gdje se proizvodi grožđe za bijela vina, s naglaskom na Malvaziju. Drugi dio vinograda obitelji Matošević nalazi se kraj mjesta Grimalda, gdje nastaju Grimalda bijelo i Grimalda crno vino.
Podrum se nalazi iznad Limskog kanala, a u njemu se mogu degustirati i kupiti sva vina obitelji Matošević.

№1 in 1 Winery from Sveti Lovrec
№15 in 1804 Winery from Croatia

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Sveti Lovreč

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Krunčići 2, 52448, Sveti Lovreč


(16 reviews)
The winery is spacious, it accommodated me and my 10+ friends. We tasted wines from local varieties and Terano was the best for me. Ideal place for wine lovers.
It is located in Sveti Lovrec, this winery is just lovely. It has one of the best wines. I was able to see how wine is processed. It was a really good learning experience.
Touring the fields and learning how the grapes are planted and cared for to produce good quality wine was an exciting experience for me and my friends. We borrowed a lesson or two from the experience.
The wine expert was very detailed in his explanation of how the wine is prepared from the fields to the bottle. I ended up purchasing several bottles of the wine for my consumption.
Wine tasting experience was enjoyable. I got to taste the red and white wine and served there taste in my mouth. I bought some bottles for my wife.
We loved it being at the garden, it was relaxing and kids friendly . After buying the wines with good quality ratio, we were given free wines to taste, it was my first time to taste the white wine made from grapes and i was not disappointed , will definitely come back.
The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and they knew everything about wine making. We got served some bread with Istrian extra virgin oil and almonds and they were excellent. Excellent services, great place.