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Franusic olive oil


OPG Franusic je obiteljsko poljoprivredno gospodarstvo dugogodišnje tradicije sa Pelješca, iz mjesta Ston. Ovo bogato imanje, kušaonica i uljara je nastala iz ljubavi prema maslinama i maslinovom ulju koja se prenosi generacijama. Dugovječna stabla maslina, plodno tlo i neprekidna tradicija maslinarstva na otoku, njihov su izvor svakodnevne inspiracije. Proizvodnja samoga ulja je certificirano organska (bez dodataka ikakvih pesticida ), te se koriste metode hladnog prešanja kako bi se očuvala nutritivna vrijednost i bogatstvo mirisa i okusa. Kupiti i degustirati njihova maslinova ulja i proizvode možete kupiti u direktnom dogovoru sa OPG-om.



№1 in 3 Olive oil from Ston
№146 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

Food Type

Maslinovo ulje



Food Location

20230 Ston, Croatia


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
They produce organic olive oils and all they products are organic. I learnt that the traditions of the farm and the fertile soils is what has been pushing them to produce quality products. Beautiful farm with awesome products.
The customer care services in this location were very polite and welcoming. The servers were quick which ensured the line never derailed.
We bought some of their olive oils and products in a direct agreement with the farm. Up To now we use the oils i bought during my visit here for several reasons such cooking, nutritional value and beauty. Great value for money.
I enjoyed learning about how the olive oil was planted, prepared, and packaged. It was an extremely enjoyable experience and I bought some oil for my home use.
We took a stroll in the farm as we admired the beautiful olive trees and also sat under the shades of trees after walking for a distance. The hosts were friendly, they gave us some of their products to taste for free in the tasting room. Wonderful people.
The servings of olive oil with different dishes amazed me. I loved how the family paired different meals and made them tasty.
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