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Vinarija Clai


Vinarija Clai nalazi se u mjestu Buje u unutrašnjosti Istre. Osim 10 hektara vinograda, tu je i 5 hektara maslinika. Pozicija na 200 metara nadmorske visine osigurava veliki broj sunčanih sati, a blizina mora s vjetrom donosi sol. U bogatoj ponudi Clai vina zaista svako vrijedi probati. Osim vina, degustirati i kupiti možete maslinovo ulje te rakije.

№1 in 1 Winery from Krasica
№141 in 1804 Winery from Croatia

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Brajki 105, 52460, Krasica


(7 reviews)
The winery is found at the top of the mountain, From the garden, the view was amazing where we could see the whole valley and vineyard. The view from the terrace of the hills and sea was very nice too.Will be back again.
I really enjoyed my tour in this winery, I also toured through the olive groves present in this location. I got to learn about the planting process and care of the olives.
very good!!!
I learned about the intensity of the sunshine and proximity to the ocean help in improving the quality of the produce which was something i never knew, it was full of knowledge i appreciated myself for being in this winery
The building itself is very elegant, in the hotel we first tried orange coloured white wine and it was amazing. We were also taken in the wine tasting room where we tasted a variety of wines. I loved the wines.
The tour guide around was amazing, she answered all our questions with a lots of new knowledges. We were awarded with free olive oil after visiting the winery. Our trip here is an unforgettable experience.
I enjoyed the tour through the vast vineyard learning about wine production process. It was a fantastic learning experience.