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Zubin olive oil


The agricultural craft of the Zubin family has been operating since 2008 in the area of ​​the town of Umag, in Istria. The primary activity of this family estate is olive growing, ie the production of multi-award winning extra virgin olive oil called Oio de Buscina. It is green, yellow in color, dense, with a pleasant scent of artichoke, freshly cut grass and almonds. The taste is bitter, intensely spicy and slightly aromatic on mint, sage and rosemary. Ideal for salads, gratinated mussels, marinated game, minestrone, roasted fish, grilled pork and sheep and goat cheeses. Due to the ecological approach to production, we recommend it as a remedy for gastronomic diseases, for lubricating burns and base for St. John's wort. The production of the oil itself is certified organic (without the addition of any pesticides) taste. You can buy and taste their olive oils and products in specialized stores, on the farm and in direct agreement with the family farm.


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Olive oil



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Buščina 18 b, Umag


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