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Mikulic Winery


Boutique winery Mikulic is located in Orebic on the Pelješac peninsula. More precisely, it is located at the foot of Postup, a famous wine-growing position. The Mikulic family has been cultivating their vineyards since 1930. The secret of their excellent wine is passed down from generation to generation. The tradition was started by grandfather Josip, after whom their most famous wine is called Don Josip. Don Josip is a Postup wine that will amaze you. It is a top quality red wine from the Plavac variety that will win you over with its ruby color and aromas of black fruit.
The winery is decorated in the style of a traditional Dalmatian tavern, where good wine and food have always been enjoyed. So here you can enjoy a glass of the excellent Don Josip Postup by the Mikulic family, and in addition to wine, it is also possible to buy olive oil from family olive groves.

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