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Vidovic Winery


Vidovic Winery is located on the island of Vis. It is a small family winery and tasting room. The vineyard is 30 years old, but has existed continuously for centuries. Since ancient times, vines and winemaking have been the main economic branches of the island of Vis. The red soil combined with the most sunny hours in Croatia and the Mediterranean climate give top results in grapevine cultivation. The Vidovic family relies on the rich tradition of viticulture and uses only ecological production techniques. They produce red, white and rose wine from the varieties Plavac mali and Trbljan bijeli.
The winery organizes tastings in the tasting room, located in a romantically decorated house with a beautiful view of the vineyard.

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Island of Vis

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Šćulino 6, 21480, Dračevo Polje


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