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Trinity Oriental Fusion Lounge


Trinity Oriental Fusion Lounge is located near Lapad Bay. The gastronomic offer consists of Thai and Japanese dishes, with a special emphasis on sushi. Top-quality dishes are accompanied by a rich selection of Asian drinks. There are also vegetarian options.

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Ul. Mata Vodopića 2A


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I did go to Trinity Oriental, where I had some yummy Thai food and good tea. While there, my cousin and I took a tour of the city, which was very interesting! We saw a lot of places that we wouldn't have seen without it, including the local marketplace and forts built high above the city.
It was a wonderful experience to taste the Thai and Japanesse dishes which i had never tasted elsewhere before.The free, fresh shrimp curry was something to die for, the spicy tuna and dynamite roll were both yummy and Satay is also good. It is the best Thai and Sushi place in Dubrovnik.
very good!!!
This lounge is very classy. It gives Asian vibes. It is famous for Thai and Japanese food. Their sushi was amazing. I had different Asian drinks to choose from
The Thai food here is really good. I have tried their tom ka gai and green curry and they were excellent. The place is nicely decorated with a lot of plants and the prices are reasonable. Overall, this would be a nice place to visit if you are looking for some authentic Thai food on the weekends
This is definitely the best Asian restaurant. I loved their sushi. It had some kind of Asian authenticity
My husband and i were here for a vacation and we dined here at the Lounge. We loved top notch quality dishes and superb drinks offered here. What i loved most about the lounge is, the vegetarian option that their offer to their guests, i loved it.
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