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Toni Guberac honey


OPG Guberac is a family farm in Tomica, a few kilometers north of Slavonski Brod. Beekeepers with about 200 migrating LR hives and beekeeping has been a family tradition for over 100 years. Long tradition, love and care for bees and carefully selected places for grazing (rich untouched meadows, forests and orchards) are key ingredients for the quality and excellence of honey. Interestingly, 50,000 bees bring 1 kg of nectar from a selected plant in one visit, from which they later produce honey. OPG Toni Guberac offers several types of honey - from acacia, chestnut, carob, canola, honeydew, meadow honey, honey in a bag, honey bread, candles, propolis, vitamin honey bombs, etc. Buy and taste their honey and other products you can in direct agreement with the family farm, and through the web shop.



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We bought honey and some of their other honey products to take back home. My kids were very happy, they lick the honey severally and also spread it on the bread while myself i use it for my skin. Quality honey.
very good!!!
It was an awesome experience to go for honey tasting in the tasting room. We tasted different types of honey which included honeydew, meadow honey, honey breads, acacia, chestnut and carob among others. The honey was sweet and tasty.
Spending the afternoon in the farm was an insightful experience for me. I learnt a lot about beekeeping and honey production, am even planning to start a bee farm back home. It was a great learning experience.
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