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Surjan olive oil


OPG Surjan is a family farm with a mark of origin and a long tradition from Vela Luka, on the island of Korcula. This rich estate and oil mill was created out of a love for olives and olive oil that has been passed down for generations. Long-lived olive trees, fertile soil and a continuous tradition of olive growing on the island, are their source of daily inspiration. The olive oils that are produced are from the autochthonous Dalmatian varieties of small ruminants, swallows and blends. The production of the oil itself is certified organic (without the addition of any pesticides), and cold pressing methods are used to preserve the nutritional value and richness of aroma and taste. In addition to olive oil, OPG is engaged in the production of homemade jams, soaps, liqueurs, natural cosmetics and dried spices. You can buy and taste their olive oils in direct agreement with the family farm, in specialized stores and through the webshop.


№2 in 5 Olive oil from Island of Korcula
№39 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

Food Type

Olive oil

Food Location

Ulica 68 1/1, 20270 Vela Luka, Hrvatska


(13 reviews)
The organic and traditional production of the oils is really appealing. i loved how they are stored in cellars in order to preserve their taste and quality.
We were given the chance to buy some of the products at the farm and I am the kind of person that likes buying things from the factory outlet and shops for quality and originality.
My visit to the Surjan olive oil farm was awesome and we enjoyed ourselves. I loved the old olive oil trees that were present on the farm and the history that the farm holds. Amazing place to visit and wonderful time that we had at the place.
On arrival here, the boss of the farm cordially welcomed us to the firm. We then sat under the shade of the olive tree as he took us down the memory lane of when and why the farm was started. He is a great history narrator, i loved listening to his wisdom.
The oils prepared here have high nutritional value and really complement my health everytime i use them in the preparation of my meals. I bought a few bottles for my consumption.
Their extra virgin Olive oil was tasty. It was well milled. The surrounding of this place was really peaceful and calm.
This place is popularly known for producing the Amphora Olive oil. It is produced mechanically by the cold pressing technique. It was a learning experience. I bought a bottle and the quality was stunning.
4 of 5 Olive oil from Island of Korcula based on rating