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Solta olive oil


This Solta olive oil is produced by members of the Zlatna Soltanka Association. Their rich estate and oil mill was created out of a love for olives and olive oil that has been passed down for generations. Long-lived olive trees, fertile soil and a continuous tradition of olive growing on the island, are their source of daily inspiration. Olive oil is made from indigenous varieties of šoltanka and oblica. We recommend buying a gift package that contains 3 Solta premium olive oils. All 3 oils have protection of authenticity, which is a guarantee to the consumer that the olives are grown on Solta, that the processing was done in the oil mill on Solta, that the chemical and sensory analysis showed that the oil complies with strict criteria and finally bottled oil on Solta. The production of the oil itself is certified organic (without the addition of any pesticides), and cold pressing methods are used to preserve the nutritional value and richness of aroma and taste. You can buy and taste their olive oils and products on the webshop, on the farm, in specialty stores and in direct agreement with the family farm.


№1 in 1 Olive oil from Island of solta
№257 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

Food Type

Olive oil


Island of solta

Food Location

Trg Vrtline 2, Srednje selo


(4 reviews)
very good!!!
The history of the farm upto now elates me , especially how it was created out of love for olive oils and to continue their olive growing tradition. The soil was fertile and was organic making it to support olive trees from growing healthily here. Beautiful land.
We tasted and bought some of their products specialized store that they gave us access to see the products they produce. We use the olive oil as an additional nutritional value to our bodies, we drink every morning and evening. Will come back for more.
It was a wonderful moment to interact with the members of the Zlatna Solyanka Association. They were welcoming,polite, kind and friendly to us and they were more than willing to feed us with the information about their olive oil. Best people to hangout with.