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Runolist Cheese Factory


Runolist Cheese Factory is located in Otocac. It is a family business founded in 1992. Their cheeses are produced respecting tradition. For the production of cheese, only the highest quality domestic milk of cows and sheep is used, which are kept on ecologically clean pastures, traditional recipes are applied and the highest standards of hygiene are respected. They produce several types of cheese: Krasno cheese, Velebit cheese, Runolist cheese, Skripavac, cottage cheese, cow's and sheep's curd and cow's cheese with truffles. As part of the production plant, there is an educational hall and a tasting room where you can learn all about cheese production and taste them.

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Food Location

Špilnički odvojak 5, 53220 Otočac


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very good!!!
the Runolist cheese and butter factory was the most awesome experience I have ever had. I had no idea that making cheese was so easy, and it all started when I saw this sign.
I visited the cheese factory with my friend and we were very fascinated to find out how do they make it.