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Restaurant Uskok is located in the heart of Senj and is a very famous and popular gastronomic place with many years of tradition. The ambience is simple and the atmosphere is homey and cozy. The menu consists of local regional and Mediterranean food prepared in the traditional way. The emphasis is on the freshness of food, which greatly contributes to the quality of food. The wine list is rich, contains many top Croatian and foreign labels, and goes perfectly with the menu. The professional and friendly staff will be very happy to help you with your choice, and it is up to you to enjoy the rhapsodies of smell and taste. In summer, you can enjoy your favorite meal on the spacious terrace.

№3 in 7 Restaurant from Senj
№50 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia
Phone: 098 840 167

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Frankopanski Trg 2, Senj 53270 Croatia


(13 reviews)
We visited the restaurant with my girlfriend and had the best lunch. We had awesome starters and well decorated desserts. The main meal was great with us having a steak and some wine for the day. I would recommend a visit to the place.
very good!!!
The view of the beautiful waters from this location is phenomenal. I enjoyed taking my dinners from this location so I could take in the refreshing breeze from the waters..
My friend recommended me to try out the chicken skewers and i was not disappointed,the chicken skewer was wrapped in deliciously smoked bacon with a side of fries with perfectly balanced homemade tartar sauce. Also, i got free welcome drinks when i checked into the restaurant. Must visit again.
We visited the place and loved the professionalism of the waiters and how the services that they offered were superb. The chef was friendly and had some delicious foods to offer. I enjoyed my stay at the restaurant and it was fantastic.
We were here for our dinner date, we were given free desserts and a 10% discount on the bill because we were guests. The uskok meat plate for us 3 was big and would be good for 4,the grilled calamari was also good. They also accepted credit cards.
This restaurant is the place to be. It has a really cool ambience. The staff were really friendly. The view from its terrace was just lovely. Their Mediterranean food was really delicious
6 of 7 Restaurant from Senj based on rating