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Rak Winery is located in Dubrava near Sibenik. The Rak family continues the family tradition of grape and wine production that began in 1960. They rely on tradition, but also follow modern achievements in the field of vine growing and wine production. They are especially proud of their wines of indigenous varieties Babic and Marastina. The wines are stored in oak barrels, in which quality perennial aging takes place.
Within the winery, there is a wine tasting room. In addition to wine, here you can also enjoy local gastronomic specialties. The tasting room has a capacity of up to 50 people.

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Rakovo Selo 98, 22000, Šibenik


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I've visited Rak Winery in a small town of Shibenik. The winery is makes sweet wine. I was allowed to taste a variety of their wine. The staff were friendly and informative. It was a unique experience, you will learn so much about wine making process and enjoy tasting some delicious local wines
very good!!!
We took our family to visit this winery las year and it was very impressing to see how they produced wine from the grapes. I loved the traditional methods they used in making their wine and also the modern methods of vine growing.
This place has a large tasting room where we tasted the sweet wine they produced after storing them in oak barrels.
This place produces indigenous varieties of wine like the Babić and Marastina which are of very good quality and taste. The atmosphere here is also giving and the healthy lifestyle is cool.
The people in the winery are friendly and accommodative, they informed us that they wine follow both the traditional and modern wine production process. It is amazing to note that they are continuing their tradition of wine and grape production. I bought the Babic indigenous variety .
It was an insightful experience for me, I got to understand that wine stored in oak barrels gives quality wine due to their perennial aging. Their wine is stored in oak barrels.
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