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Poljoprivredna zadruga Cres


Cres Agricultural Cooperative is located on the island of Cres, and for many years has been actively involved in the cultivation of olives and Cres lamb. which is placed on the market with a mark of origin. It is produced from indigenous olive varieties of the islands of Cres, Simjaca and Plominka. The second oil placed on the market is extra virgin olive oil Mozaico obtained by processing fresh olives of indigenous varieties Simjace and Plominke. Several small small farms have carefully and traditionally grown and harvested olives, thus contributing to the creation of a mosaic of aromas and flavors that characterize this oil. You can buy and taste their olive oils and products in specialized stores, in the oil mill, through the webshop and in direct agreement with the family farm.


№2 in 2 Olive oil from Cres
№312 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

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Olive oil



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Šetalište 20 travnja 62 51557 Cres Hrvatska


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very good!!!
I had a great time touring this farm. The staff were welcoming and they had a lot of knowledge concerning how to process the olives. I bought the Mozcan extra virgin oil and it was worth it
The extra virgin oil was definitely worth it. It is the best. There were different varieties to choose from
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