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Pikutic honey


OPG Pikutic is a family farm with a mark of origin from Zagreb. The primary activity of this farm is beekeeping and honey products. Long tradition, love and care for bees and carefully selected places for grazing are the key ingredients for the quality and excellence of honey. Interestingly, 50,000 bees bring 1 kg of nectar from a selected plant in one visit, from which they later produce honey. Opg Pikutic thus produces the popular honeydew, which is 13 times richer in minerals and amino acids than flower honey. Also, unlike flower honey, it contains oligosaccharides that stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria present in the intestines, alleviate airway pain and contribute to better subjective feeling and health. Flower powder mixed with yogurt is also popular. You can buy and taste their honey and other products in direct agreement with the family farm.


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Krvaric 3 C 10000 Zagreb


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