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Okus Bilogore family farm


Okus Bilogore was created out of love for nature and a healthy lifestyle, and their rich and native property is located in the small town of Kapela, in Bjelovar-Bilogora County. They are engaged in planting, organic farming and selling seasonal fruits and vegetables, of which we single out: garlic, beets, beans, peas, strawberries, hazelnuts, onions, beans, nuts, peppers, cherries and are engaged in the production of ajvar and pindjura. All foods that are grown are completely organic, untreated, from domestic seeds, and a lot of love, effort and will have been invested in the cultivation itself, which guarantees the ultimate quality of the product. You can buy and taste their products in direct agreement with the family farm and at certain points of sale, and there is the possibility of delivery depending on the place of residence.


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I visited this place during my stay in Croatia it is located in the small town of kapela in bilogora county.they are involved in planting and selling of organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables it is so nice.
Their foods are organic, untreated making it possible for aged people like me to observe a healthy lifestyle away from diseases. I learnt that their foods are grown out of love making them of quality, this means that where love is , quality reigns. Will definitely visit the farm again.
The farm is just calm and peaceful and is located in a small town of Kapela, the terrace of the farm offers magnificent views of the town. I was delighted to learn that the owners of the farm engage in planting organic farming and selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. We bought some of the vegetables such as beets to help me in boosting my blood levels. It is a small paradise on earth.
We bought some freshly picked fruits and enjoyed the sweet produce of the Okus Bilogore family farm. We had a taste of some specific fruits before picking them and it was amazing.
I had a great day visiting the Bilogore family on their farm. I learned so much about pigs and pork. They have a very big and beautiful farm, with lots of animals, so you get to see lots of different things.
We tasted their products in a direct agreement with the family farm and they are superb.The hazelnuts, nuts, cherries are of top notch quality, are sizeable and they match the prices. The owners of the farm were friendly and accommodative to the 5+ plus of us and they left no information untouched.
We visited the farm and toured the place and the experience is unmatched. The farm is organic based and has varieties of food stuffs planted including vegetables and fruits. We bought some and carried ourselves back home.
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