Magnolia is a well-known name on the confectionery scene of the city of Zagreb. It is a modern, elegant café decorated in the French style. The ambience is bright, warm and modern, and the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. In the repertoire you will find a large selection of delicious homemade desserts that are made following world trends. Some of the favorites include a creamy sponge cake with green tea, a lime cake and Caiprinha cream. In addition to desserts, Magnolia also offers savory snacks such as toasted club sandwiches and croissants, and among the most famous snacks is quiche. All ingredients are fresh and seasonal, and they make each component of the cake or cake themselves - from toppings, crusts, dough, fillings, etc. The list of drinks is rich in teas and hot drinks that go well with desserts, and you will find great oenological names like Moet . In summer, you can enjoy your favorite dessert on the landscaped terrace.


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Phone: 01 7079 048

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Gundulićeva ul. 4, 10000, Zagreb


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