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Krizmanic honey


OPG Krizmanic is a family farm with a long tradition located in Dakovo. The primary activity is beekeeping and the production of honey products based on knowledge and success. Long tradition, love and care for bees and carefully selected places for grazing (rich untouched meadows, forests and orchards) are key ingredients for the quality and excellence of honey. Their main product is top quality homemade honey, which is offered in four popular types: acacia honey, chestnut honey, meadow honey and linden honey, as well as rapeseed honey and sunflower honey. The beehives are located in the Dakovo region, surrounded by acacia forests, meadows, pastures and orchards. In addition to these types of honey, they also produce other bee products such as propolis, wax and honey in honeycombs and handmade candles from natural beeswax. You can buy and taste their honey and other products in direct agreement with the family farm, through the webshop and at the markets in Zagreb and Dakovo.


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