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Kriz Winery is located in Potomje on the Peljesac Peninsula. The Bogoevic Marusic family has been involved in viticulture and winemaking for centuries, and in our time this tradition has been continued by Denis Bogoevic Marusic. The winery started operating in 2011. Their largest vineyard is on the hill Kriz, after which the winery got its name. In total, they have 2 hectares of vineyards. They produce wines of the Plavac mali and Grk varieties from biodynamic cultivation. It is especially important to them that the cultivation of vineyards is natural, traditional and ecological. They are the first certified organic grape producers in the county.
The tasting room organizes presentations on wines and specifics of production, tours of the rustic wine cellar and wine tasting.

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Prizdrina 10, 20244, Potomje


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A walk in the vineyard served as a therapy to the tired me, the atmosphere was lovely and the air in the surrounding so refreshing. It was of great pleasure to learn of the rich history of the winery located on the hill kriz. It is the largest vineyard in hill kriz.
Wine tasting was the best activity to indulge in while at the winery, the wines are of different varieties and all are tasty and delicious. We also bought some wines to take back home to our families. They loved it.
I loved the wine tasting experience was memorable. the feeling of the fresh-pressed grapes on my palates was an eventful moment.
I visited this winery in Potomje and had my first wine tasting experience. I got to taste various wines and learn about their history as well as how they were made. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone traveling through this region that loves wine
I enjoyed learning about the wine production process, the owners utilize ecological options to ensure that the environment is protected.
It was one of the most beautiful and intimate vineyards I had ever visited. The wine selection is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. The tour was very informative, with beautiful scenery and friendly hosts. I highly recommend a visit to this winery if you are in this region of Croatia
very good!!!
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