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Iva Cavric family farm


The Iva Cavric family farm was created out of love for nature and a healthy lifestyle, and their rich and native estate is located in Karlovac. They are engaged in planting, eco-cultivation and sale of walnuts and their products. All foods that are grown are completely organic, untreated, from domestic seeds, and a lot of love, effort and will have been invested in the cultivation itself, which guarantees the ultimate quality of the product. You can buy and taste their products in direct agreement with the family farm and at certain points of sale, and there is the possibility of delivery depending on the place of residence.


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Phone: 099/426-3144



Food Location

Mirka Seljana 28, Karlovac


(9 reviews)
The family farm was cool and there were a lot of things to do. There were animals and gardens. The highlight of the visit was a beekeeper that showed us how bees communicate through dance. I also had an opportunity to meet the owners of the farm and hear more about their work and life.
I enjoyed visiting this walnut farm. The air was fresh. Just a nice place to unwind. I bought several walnut products
There are many interesting things you can do at the Iva Savic family farm. You can visit the animals, go for a walk in their beautiful surroundings and taste the famous products of their farm.
very good!!!
This farm is beautiful. I loved that everything was natural. They also plant and sell good quality walnuts.
This family is involved in Walnut planting, processing and farming. The walnut farm had a different kind of environment. It was relaxing and peaceful. The staff explained more about walnut farming and their products
We toured the farm twice during our vacation in Croatia and we bought and tasted some of their products which are super good. It was an educative experience, we learnt that the farm was created out of love for nature and a healthy lifestyle. Recommendable to everyone
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