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Fast Food Tonka


Fast Food Tonka is a famous place for fast and delicious food in Karlobag, and is located in the heart of the city. The menu includes the most popular fast food classics such as simple grilled dishes, burgers, tortillas, pizza cut, various sandwiches, fried chicken, fried squid and side dishes such as french fries, hot and cold salads, etc. quickly. Also, the restaurant is open after midnight. The small terrace in front of the restaurant is ideal for a quick meal or a refreshing drink such as juice or craft beer. A big plus is the fact that the place is open after midnight.

№1 in 1 Fast food from Karlobag
№38 in 1804 Fast food from Croatia
Phone: 097 668 5324

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Fast food




Fast Food


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E65 14, 53288, Karlobag


(13 reviews)
This is basically a fast food restaurant in Karlobag. I really liked their sandwiches. They were perfect and well prepared. It was a perfect snack.
My kids were hungry and i was looking for a place offering fast foods and then i came across this place. Their food was prepared speedily by the waiters and am glad my kids got something to eat within the shortest time. Glad to find this hidden gem.
This fast food restaurant is just perfect for a quick snack or meal. It has a terrace where one could sit and enjoy the meal. Their burgers were really juicy. I really loved how they were prepared.
The food varieties served in this location are delicious. I particularly enjoy eating french fries by the terrace and milkshakes. I will bring my colleagues when I visit next
The best place to have a breakfast is the Fast Food Tonka. We enjoyed a sweet lemon tea at the place and some sandwich that we loved. The day started on a high note and we enjoyed the rest of the day out on out tour.
The place has a great menu for dinner and we had a romantic dinner with my girlfriend. We enjoyed the seafood prepared for us, some oysters and delicious pasta that accompanies the meal. We had drinks also that crowned the night for us.
very good!!!