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Family farm Petrovic


The Petrovic family farm was founded out of love for nature and a healthy lifestyle, and their rich and native estate is located in Varazdin. The family farm produces and markets pumpkin oil, various shapes and sizes of packaging for pumpkin seeds and spelled and spelled products. So, in addition to raw pits, they also offer chocolate pits as a great healthy treat. Pumpkin seed spread (pesto) is made according to a special recipe and is used in the preparation of various dishes from dough, rice or simply as a spread on bread. Pir can be bought in grain, ground or as a soft bran. All foods that are grown are completely organic, untreated, from domestic seeds, and a lot of love, effort and will have been invested in the cultivation itself, which guarantees the ultimate quality of the product. You can buy and taste their products in direct agreement with the family farm.


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Zagrebačka 238, Varaždin


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