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Erdut Winery is located in the village of the same name in Slavonia. The history of the winery dates back to the beginning of the 18th century when the then-owner Baron Zuany built the Old Cellar, the oldest cellar in the Erdut vineyards. Construction of a new winery with a capacity of 6 million liters began in 1980. It was then that the largest wine barrel in the world was made. The barrel was made by the traditional method from a total of 109 Slavonian oak trunks. It has a total volume of 75 thousand liters, which makes it the largest wine barrel in the world in use. The barrel is always full and there is always Grasevina in it, a wine that is a symbol of the whole vineyard. Visitors can taste wine and visit the vineyard and cellar.

№1 in 1 Winery from Erdut
№708 in 1804 Winery from Croatia

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Trg Branka Hercega 1, 31206 Erdut


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