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Dunja family farm


The Dunja family farm was founded out of love for nature and a healthy lifestyle, and their rich and native estate is located in Zagreb. They grow cows and vegetables (primarily potatoes), and produce home-made Lika cooked cheese, milk and other dairy products. All foods that are grown are completely organic, untreated, from domestic seeds, and a lot of love, effort and will have been invested in the cultivation itself, which guarantees the ultimate quality of the product. You can buy and taste their products in direct agreement with the family farm and at certain points of sale.


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Phone: 092/1765-431



Food Location

7. Retkovec 29a, Zagreb


(4 reviews)
very good!!!
The air in this farm was just different. It was cool and fresh. I enjoyed seeing the green nature of the farm. The dairy products were sweet to taste.
This family farm is a must visit. The environment was peaceful and serene. It gave me upcountry vibes. There were plenty of potatoes and vegetables one could taste.
The cheese and yoghurt in this farm were flavoursome. I just kept adding more.
8 of 12 Fruits & vegetables from Zagreb based on rating