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Dairy Farm Marina


Mljekara Marina is a dairy farm located in Gornje Vratno near Varazdin. It is owned by the Bistrovic family, whose tradition of raising cows and milk production dates back to 1914. The idea of owning a dairy came about in 2007, and the dairy opened in 2010. The mission of the Bistrovic family is to provide its customers with healthy, home-made products without preservatives. In 2019, a farm was built according to the latest technology standards, which enables a more humane way of milk production. The cows move freely on a large pasture next to the farm. Food for them is prepared on 75 hectares of land, without GMOs. Mljekara Marina offers fresh milk, fresh cheese, sour cream, yoghurt, whey, butter and hard cheese. Within the dairy there is a shop where you can try and buy products.

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Varaždinska 94b, Gornje Vratno


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